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Like magic…

There’s a familiar routine when moving to a new desk: turn on computer, load up Internet Explorer for just long enough to download a copy of Firefox. Install the Zotero and Delicious add-ons that allow me to function at work. Puzzle over how I’m supposed to access printers in the new building.

Zotero has a Group Libraries function, which I used to set up RMIT-SmartServicesCRC (the library is the easiest way to find content, as the main page seems to list each individual file and record as it’s added). The name is a bit misleading at the moment, as there are only two of us using the group so far… others have occasionally looked interested, and then gone back to wrestling with their EndNote libraries.

Today I decided to take them up on their file storage offer: instead of just bibliographic data, you can host complete copies of your reference library on their servers. I ran into a slight hitch when I found that there were existing files stored in the group: as the group owner, they come out of my storage allotment. That meant that a bunch of files wouldn’t fit into my free 100MB limit. Oops.

I’ve now purchased 1GB of storage space, so that ought to hold everything for the foreseeable future of this project. And after a few minutes of syncing files, I can now access all my PDFs and website snapshots from the office computer. No more “file not found” error messages – the whole library is now synchronised between all the computers that I work on. I think it’s fantastic 🙂

Now, if only getting printer access was this easy…

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