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Spinning plates

I’m doing the first “proper” interview for my project tonight. Last year, I spoke to quite a few small business owners about their online marketing – but that was technically part of a different project, and didn’t cover the full range of ground that I was interested in.

I always find waiting around to be a bit nerve-wracking. There’s time to sit and think things like “have I done enough interview prep?” and “are the batteries charged in the audio recorder?”

Tonight, those thoughts are joined by another worry. We’re in a brand-new building, and I have a brand-new access card. In theory, it will let me out of the building to meet the two people I’m speaking to tonight, and then will let us all back inside. In practice, I haven’t actually been able to test my after-hours access yet.

Tomorrow’s jobs have been piling up while preparing for today’s interview. I’ve just missed the submission date for the CPRF papers – and have sent an apologetic email, asking if I can get a proposal in tomorrow instead.

Lots of things have been put into the “after the first interview” basket. First up is that proposal, followed by a pressing need to contact about a dozen other business owners to organise interviews. Then I’ll be repeating tonight’s pre-interview ritual… hopefully another 59 times, over the next year and a bit.

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