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I resolve to be more resolute…

I’m reading a lot, but not writing as much as I should.

There are a few different reasons for that. Partly, it’s because I’m so caught up in surface-level stuff (via twitter) that I haven’t been making enough time to post things that take a little longer to think – and write – about.

Partly it’s because the past week has been all kinds of crazy. Meetings have been rescheduled, postphoned and cancelled. I’ve written (and re-written) a presentation on my research for the CRC Participants’ Meeting next week. I’ve organised travel to Brisbane for said meeting, but haven’t organised accomodation yet.

I’m also trying to set up interviews for my project, and book things for a holiday near the end of September. Louise has noticed that I have two modes these days: working and unconscious. To help with this, we want to take a proper holiday… something we haven’t done in a couple of years.

While all that’s been happening, I’ve started on Inger‘s short course in Critical & Creative Thinking . I’ve been really looking forward to the course, and haven’t had a spare moment to start on the readings since logging on to the QUT Blackboard site last Monday morning. That’s part of today’s homework.

Which reminds me, it’s now after midnight – so I should stop typing and get some sleep. #socialmelb is on in not-too-many hours…

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