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Two down, fifty eight to go

Okay, so I’m already breaking rule number 1, what with it being 11:30pm and all. I thought it was worth doing, though, to take a brief moment while I still have one available…

I’ve just finished typing up some notes from tonight’s interview, following the fieldwork advice that everyone has tried to imprint on my brain: write your notes before you go to bed, or else you’ll forget all sorts of interesting details. The transcript will come later*, but right now the notes are important.

It’s a busy week. I left work at almost 8pm tonight, after possibly spending a bit too long talking about social media after the interview. I really enjoyed chatting though, and good conversation always trumps minor practicalities like getting home and making dinner 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m off early in the morning to the misty hills of Croydon. I’ll be doing my second interview in a fraction over 12 hours (the third in total for this project), and then heading back into the city to write up those all-important notes. After that, I need to head home and pack, and then head to the airport for a flight to Brisbane. If all goes to plan, I’ll be in the YHA by midnight…

On Wednesday I’m attending the CRC August Participants’ Meeting at QUT, and giving a presentation in the afternoon. Then, back to the airport again (with Jonathan), and back to Melbourne. Thursday morning holds the local CRC meeting, where I’ll be wrangling laptops and RMIT wireless internet, in an attempt to bring absent members to the meeting via Skype. I think that by the time I finish a library workshop on Thursday afternoon, I’ll be just about done for the week.

* Transcripts are something that I love having, and appreciate the benefits of making myself, but dread doing… especially when there will be around 90+ hours of audio from this project. I foresee a lot of typing in my future.

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