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Reconnecting by degrees

One problem with studying social networks is that it’s almost impossible to disconnect from them, when you need to take a break. Then, once you’re back online again, re-connecting needs to be done carefully lest you drown in information.

Happy new year, to anyone reading this! I hope you’ve made it through the festive season intact. I’ve been under self-imposed radio silence over the Christmas – New Year period, spent much time time friends and family, and then holed myself up in the spare room and painted like a mad thing, to make up for a truly ridiculous December.

I’m now up to date on my emails and forum messages. Facebook and LinkedIn are under control. Next up is logging back in to Twitter, and probably taking a closer look at how I sort out groups to read (via Echofon, or on Paper.li). It’s going to be another busy year, and I think some forward planning might help me get through it all.

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