A few years ago, I joked that my ideal job title would be along the lines of “Person who knows things about stuff, and knows people who know stuff about things.” Somewhere along the way, that stopped being a joke and started looking a lot more like reality.

I’m a life-long learner: flexible enough to pick up new skills or apply old ones when needed, and connected to some very talented specialists when expertise is required.

I’m currently working on a PhD through the Smart Services CRC, where I’m based at RMIT’s Graduate School of Business & Law. My research project explores how Australian small business owners are using social media to promote their businesses online. Over the past three years, I have interviewed small business managers from the retail, hospitality and professional services industries, and observed how they have been using social media for their businesses.

I have been a full time researcher since 2009, through RMIT (School of Accounting; Graduate School of Business & Law) and the Smart Services CRC. I work as a research assistant on collaborative industry projects, producing research and reports for industry partners like Sensis, Suncorp, and the State Trustees of Victoria.

I have a background in Science, and originally trained as a Chemist and Geologist. I stepped sideways into the Sociology of Science, and then into studying small businesses and their owners. I’m good at observing what people do, and finding out how and why they do it. I’m comfortable working in highly technical environments and translating jargon and concepts into plain English. I’ve also worked as a freelance editor and desktop publisher, producing reports, newsletter, book and magazines, in print or online.

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