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Brief conference-writing update

April 4, 2011 Leave a comment

It takes a lot of work to cut an 8-page conference paper down into 4 pages, but we finally managed it. I used my extra hour on Sunday morning (courtesy of the 3am end of daylight savings time) to finish rewriting the longer version of our Trust & Reputation paper, cutting it down for the 4-page poster papers format, and received publishing approval from the CRC this afternoon.

So, Trust, Reputation and the Small Firm: Building Online Brand Reputation for SMEs has now been submitted to ICWSM. It covers four of the small business case studies from my project, exploring how the businesses are using social media tools to build trust and reputation among online communities. Now, I need to get back to working on my thesis… and figuring out how many hoops I need to jump through in order to get an international trip approved by the university. In July, Barbara and I should be presenting our paper in Barcelona 🙂

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Radio silence

February 10, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been working on a paper for the Internation Conference on Weblogs and Social Media over the past fortnight. The research component is mine; the context and literature is written by a friend in QUT who suggested that we collaborate on a paper. We have some overlapping research interests, and can keep in touch via Skype. Easy, right?

Of course, nothing works quite that smoothly in practice. Brisbane got flooded. QUT lost their internet connection – no details given, but I like to think that their server room was temporarily full of bull sharks. Then, before she could send me her half of the paper, my co-author was whisked off to Fiji on a surprise birthday present from her husband… possibly one of the nicest way of being disconnected from the internet that I can think of 🙂

Deadline Day became a mad rush, more so than usual because I needed to head up to Sydney for our CRC’s third year review: a day of interviews and presentations to a review panel, assessing how the research centre has been performing. My contribution was extremely short, but I still lost most of the day to transit delays at the two ariports. I typed my last few corrections straight into the layout template and sent it off from the Melbourne Airport arrivals lounge. I really hope that the completed paper makes sense to people who aren’t stressed and sleep deprived – when read in the light of day. I haven’t been able to make myself re-read it yet. That’s a job for next week, or possibly the week after that.